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Movie Strip
15Afilm.jpg Genre: Teen Comedy / Teen Horror
Director: Stephen Bradley
Cast: Samantha Mumba, David Leon
Release Date: 23rd Sept 2005   (as supplied by Distributor)
Date Classified: 15th June 2005
Duration: 80'
Boy Eats Girl
None Mild Moderate Strong
Boy Eats Girl Violence check mark
Drugs check mark
Sex / Nudity check mark
Language check mark
Other/Comments Consumer Advice

This film contains a scene which depicts an ostensible suicide attempt. In the opinion of the Film Censor, certain viewers may find this scene disturbing.

The film was certified 15A on foot of an appeal by its distributor to the Censorship of Films Appeal Board. The appeal followed on the Film Censor's decision to withhold a certificate unless the specified scene was deleted